Hearts of Oregon

Two different campsites, one near Bend and one in Brookings, we found hearts on our campsites. Both times we drove around the campground looking for a site and were drawn towards one, we parked, and then after getting out and exploring our site we found hearts! We are feeling the love Oregon! Thank you to whomever left these hearts. Both times we had had rough travel days and these hearts really made our day!!


Update: Just found this one at our campsite today!! Third time is the charm!!


RVing, Caregiving, and a Special Book

I just finished this wonderful book and wanted to share some thoughts…


In the past several years we have had to make many decisions about care for our older relatives and our part in their care. In addition, we started RVing during this time. I found myself relating to and totally enjoying this book!! It touched me deeply.

In 2013, we moved to Texas for many months to be with my father-in-law while he was in Hospice care at home. It was such a precious season with him and we were so thankful for that time.  After he passed we resumed our nomadic ways…traveled and moved around. During this period we bought our RV and started adventures in it. Then late last summer, we put everything on hold, put our RV in storage and rented a place in Arizona to help care for my mother-in-law and help my mother with my grandparents. We are so thankful we did, we made so many wonderful memories. My grandfather passed away in April and I’ll always be thankful for those months I had with him before we passed.

Both my grandparents enjoyed RVing for decades and often talked about it. In the months before my grandfather passed he encouraged us to get back out in our RV and have adventures. And so we have…always keeping him in my heart along the way!

My grandmother is 104 now. In January, she went into Hospice care and recently she came out of it. The other day on a phone call she asked me to come get her and take her on adventures with us. Once she hears of Norma’s adventures, I am sure she will really want to…laughs. Not sure that we can, but it is fun to think about.

We are never sure what the future holds…for us or for our loved ones…this book reminds us to live well each day and say, “yes!”


Getting Back on the Road

Our 2016 plans encountered a major detour and we ended up providing care to several older relatives. We are thankful that our lives are flexible enough to be able to do this and have been blessed and honored to share this season with our loved ones. Some other relatives will be taking over for us soon and this will enable us to get a much needed break and be able to resume our RV life.


Upcoming Travel Plans (subject to Serendipity): Joshua Tree, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, and Washington.