Serendipity + RVing = SerendipRV

We are digital nomads, gypsy wanderers, nature explorers, “homeless” in the best sense of the word! We have created a life is flexible and open to serendipity.

We work remotely and have traveled and lived many wonderful places over the years. In 2016 we started our RV adventure and this blog. This adventure has taken twists and turns.

Currently we are full-time travelers, although not full-time RVers. Some places are just not RV friendly (like Hawaii).

We have enjoyed “Wings” our 2009 Shasta Airflyte, however our oldest daughter has fallen in love with it and wants to call it hers. So…we are in the market for another RV…perhaps a B Class or an Airstream or whatever else works well for us. Of course, like many RVers, we’d love to demo an RV for a year (or even just six months…we are flexible!), make videos, and blog about an amazing high quality RV! Not sure why a company like Roadtrek, Airstream, or Oliver has not contacted us?! 😉


“What is life but one grand adventure?”


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