Back in Arizona


We were in Texas for less than a week taking care of my late mother-in-law’s estate when my grandmother fell and took a turn for the worse. My grandmother is 104 and has been in and out of Hospice this year. We drove 15 hours straight from DFW to Phoenix. It has been a difficult week. We are thankful we have the flexibility to be here to help my mother and grandmother.

Change in Plans


Wings’ new home in the forest

Or perhaps better stated “change in plans AGAIN”….as I mentioned in my blog post on July 17th…change is part of life and most certainly part of RV living!

July was a strange and sad month…Scott’s mother fell broke her hip, had surgery, and a less than a week later passed away. Scott had two last minute trips to Texas. We also had to leave two campsites quickly due to issues beyond our control.

Towards the end of the month another situation happened that is rather personal and I have debated sharing it. Since the shower in Shasta is small I often take showers in RV parks and campgrounds. Showers can be a vulnerable place and safety is important. Rather than share all the details, I’ll just say this…I was alone in a shower in an RV park restroom and was harassed by three individuals. When you are taking a shower with only a shower curtain in front of you, there is not much to protect you. If there had been cell reception I would have called the police. It was a horrible violating experience. Thankfully, my oldest daughter was visiting us and came to find me in the restroom when I had not returned in a timely manner. The RV park did little to help and actually made me feel worse about what happened. We left the park as soon as Scott and my daughter could get packed up to leave, even though it was evening and we had no place to go. I just needed out of there and to feel safe again.

My immediate emotional reaction was, “I am done with RVing!” However, we knew this was just an emotional rash reaction. But, I did and still do feel that I need a break from RVing. I need to feel safe.

That situation coupled with Scott needing to be in Texas soon to attend the probate hearing for his mother, attend some work training, and my grandmother asking me to visit her in Arizona…led us to leave our RV and car in the Pacific Northwest and fly to Texas.

Our current plans will be traveling (by car) between parts of Texas, Arizona, and Colorado to help with family matters (and a little bit of nature explores) until at least the end of September . Our oldest daughter will take care of Wings for us. Actually, she plans to buy it from us (the above picture is of her setup with Wings). We’ll soon be in the market for RV #2. Right now I just need a break from RV life.

There has been a bit of culture shock going from living in and around nature to being in the middle of suburbia with strip malls and lack of nature. It has perks though…bath tub, washing machine, and less bugs! I’ll admit though when I look at friend’s pictures of their RV adventures on Instagram and Facebook it tugs at me. For now though, I am where I need to be.

We will be posting our car travels on here and when the time comes, our search for RV #2.

Then this happened…


“Change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end.” ~ Robin Sharma

One thing you can count on in life is change. RVing and change go hand in hand, especially as in “change of plans.” Basically, when someone “signs” up for a nomadic life they need to be open to all sorts of change, some are exciting and somewhat more comfortable and others are a bit more stressful.

As I have recently shared, my mother-in-law fell and broke her hip requiring surgery. Scott went to be with her in Texas. I did the solo RV thing for a while. Then Scott flew back late one night and his mother passed away suddenly the next day. It has been a sad stressful time for our family.  As we were preparing for him to fly back to Texas to bury his mother, this happened…

Without any notice they sprayed a chemical on the roads in the RV park we were staying at…being chemically sensitive this is somewhat of a nightmare for me. Even those who are not sensitive had some reactions to this spray…wheezing, coughing, eyes tearing, headaches, etc. Thankfully, we became aware of it through a phone call and I never had to personally be around it. We waited until the spray had settled for a couple hours and then Scott went in to see if he thought I could be around it. He had reactions to it, hooked up our Shasta and moved it out of the RV  park. Which left us scrambling to find a new place to stay about 7 P.M. the night before we had to leave at 2 A.M. to fly to bury his mother. Not the best situation. We had planned to stay at this RV park for a month. In fact, the first time we had ever planned to stay anywhere in our RV for a month. Anyways, we ended up at a state park that had two nights available and got settled around 10 P.M. Scott took the car at 2 A.M. and headed to airport. I stayed with our RV without a car at a state park.

After he returned we were thrilled to learn that some of our camping friends were boondocking up near Snoqualmie Pass. We joined them up there for a much needed weekend of friendship, laughter, good food, nature, and getting away from RV parks!


Bridge near Tinkham Road



Solo RVing

I have long admired people who are brave enough to solo RV. However, it is not something I ever thought I’d experience, even short term. We had talked prior to our adventure about what would happen if we needed to get somewhere quickly for a family emergency and had decided we’d either take our RV with us or store it and either fly or drive wherever we were needed.

Last week we received a call that Scott’s mother had fell and was headed to hospital. She had broke her hip and was scheduled for surgery the next day. Scott caught the midnight flight out of Seattle and I stayed with our RV. We simply did not have time to make any other plans and it was far too long to drive.

Since then I have been doing the “solo RV thing.” Quickly realizing how much of a joint effort taking care of an RV has been for us. Embarrassingly, there are things I have never done alone…like empty the black tank. Lately you’ll find me looking at YouTube videos on how to empty it and other RV basics.

Not sure how long Scott will be gone…and know this will change our upcoming travel plans some. One of the nice things about this way of living is that we have flexibility and are able to help out when needed.

My hats off to all those who solo RV on a regular basis!!


Picture from a recent Escapees Magazine article, which can also be read here.